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1 Notebook binder (1-2 inch)
Notebook paper (wide- ruled)  4-6 pkgs.
2-3 hard-covered composition books (black & white marble style)
8-12 glue sticks
Pencils (#2 only)
Erasers (that fit on the end of the pencil)
2 Highlighters (yellow preferred)
1 Flash Drive 4G (if not previously purchased)
6-8 dry erase markers and eraser
Markers (8-10 is sufficient)                
3 large boxes of tissues (to share)
2 containers Clorox or Lysol wipes (to share)
1 package construction paper (to share)
1 package 10 count poster board
1 three panel display board (for science fair—you may store this at home or purchase later but it will be required in April/May)
Grades 5-8 only: calculator

All items brought to school should be identified with the student’s name: backpack, lunch box, clothes, coats etc.

All students participate in daily Physical Education activities. Students must wear (or bring) athletic shoes so they can run and play safely.  Girls should wear (or bring) shorts under skirts or dresses for modesty during P.E.

ALL ITEMS MUST FIT IN DESK. Nothing will be stored on the floor.

Please do not allow students to bring the following items to school: non-erasable pens, white out, tape, personal pencil sharpeners, spiral notebooks, cell phones, or other electronics.