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Our Philosophy encompasses our mission statement and underlies the development and maintenance of the school's entire program.  A belief in the existence of the Creator God is fundamental. We respect His divine authority and recognize His intervention in human affairs. We believe that true education also encourages the students to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission is to prepare the student intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually which enables them to: 
  • Acquire a knowledge of God and His plan of salvation through a systematic study of the Bible and develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and share it.
  • Develop a positive self-concept through service to others, along with a respect for all people regardless of physical, cultural, ethnic or socio-economic differences.
  • Understand the importance of the laws of health and their impact on the student’s overall well-being.
  • Excel academically.  We provide opportunities for students to think critically and creatively and our goal is to develop each student in the ability to solve problems in intelligent and constructive ways by providing the highest quality instruction, along with appropriate and current instructional materials.  

Our History
Our school was first established on Washington Street in Petersburg, VA.  Over the years land was purchased and our school, along with our church, is now situated on a beautiful tract of land conveniently located to I-95 and Southside Regional Medical Center.  We continue building upon the solid foundation laid years ago. From the very beginning, Adventists have focused on the importance of education and healthcare in improving people's lives.  In fact Adventists run the next largest denominational educational system in the world, second only to Catholic schools.   Our desire then, and now, is to see students educated with a Christian foundation enabling them to positively impact the community and our world. 

Our Accreditation
We are an accredited K-8th grade school operated by the Petersburg Seventh-day Adventist Church and accredited through multiple organizations by whose standards we abide.  Our teachers maintain their educational requirements by attending conferences and training programs required by our accrediting organizations. 

We are accredited through the following organizations:
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia through the Virginia Council for Private Education
  • The National Council for Private Education
  • The North American Division Accreditation Commission
  • The Potomac Conference of Seventh-day Adventist
"RAL is the best school because our parents make things happen."  --teacher